Assessment: Dr. 'Lia will e-mail or fax a health history for you to fill out. You can either e-mail it back to me (considered to be high-risk for security breach) or bring with you to our first appointment. Dr. 'Lia will review it and go over pertinent findings with you. Iridology, and tongue, skin and nails assessments are included in your assessment, as is a biometric screening to screen for obvious issues that would benefit from lifestyle change or might require referral to a standard primary care practitioner. Some alternative and standard lab tests might be included in your assessment.

Body Work: Dr. 'Lia is trained and experienced in Acupressure, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Raindrops Technique, Reflexology, and VitaFlex.

Energy Work: Dr. 'Lia is trained and experienced in Reiki, and in Tapping techniques. These complementary interventions can be helpful for anxiety, trauma, and/or pain management. Reiki as a complimentary intervention can be helpful in support of many health-related issues.  

Complementary Therapeutic Emotional Wellness Interventions: Dr. 'Lia is trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, and in Therapeutic Hypnosis. These can be helpful complementary interventions for anxiety, fear, nicotine cessation, pain management, and weight management. Persons with seizures or psychotic disorders are not candidates for Therapeutic Hypnosis. 

Botanicals, Subtle Remedies, Other Supplements: Dr. 'Lia's training and experience include a great deal of focus on what people put into and onto their bodies. Ranging from enzymes to herbs to Traditional Chinese Medicine-based Protocols to water, and a variety of other natural wellness solutions, she works with you to develop recommendations that address issues specific to you. She asks that you not randomly add "stuff" to the recommendations we develop specifically for you. Every added item considerably changes the dynamic of the whole.

Education: Dr. 'Lia offers individual and group education in a number of topics, including Anxiety Management; BLS/CPR/AED/1st Aid; Childbirth Preparation, and other Women's Health Issues; Essential Oil Topics; Levels 1 and 2 Reiki; Nicotine Cessation; and Personal Safety. At this time, education services are offered as distance or blended courses due to COVID concerns.

Ulta Lab Specimen Collection Station: Ulta Labs partners with Quest Diagnostics to provide discounted laboratory services. As a discounted lab, Ulta Lab does not bill or process insurance. You can order your lab tests on-line at:, or just, chose Dr. 'Lia R. Javadi LLC as your drawing station, and call the office at 614-401-2567 to schedule an appointment for your specimen collection.

What is not offered: #1. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment. For some reason, we get a lot of calls from people who hope we provide hyperbaric oxygen treatment. We do not. #2. School physicals. In the state of Ohio, school physicals can be performed by Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, Physician’s Assistants, Nurse Practitioners or Doctors of Chiropractic. Traditional Naturopaths cannot do school physicals in the State of Ohio. #3. Immunization alternatives. Because the legalities are muddy, we do not provide alternatives to immunization.