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For Women

Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins™ for women contain no toxins, have significantly improved absorbency over other sanitary protection products, and use negative ion technology to support women's menstrual health.

Damsel IN DEFENSEnon-lethal personal protection products for women are designed to help women protect themselves and their families.

For Everyone

pH Structured Silver™ uses physics rather than chemistry to alter silver pH to match the healthy pH of the human body, providing a safe and effective silver solution to support anti-infective processes. 

Youngevity™ offers a large variety of high quality healthy lifestyle products to naturally support excellent wellness.  

Young Living™ provides the highest quality essential oils as assessed by the International Standards Organization and AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation), as well as a number of other high quality products supportive of excellent wellness. 

Dr. 'Lia has chosen these products as among the best affordable wellness-supportive products available. Product education sessions are offered to groups at no charge. Contact Dr. 'Lia to 614/401-2567 to schedule product education sessions tailored to the needs of your group.

Naturopathic Assessment and Consultation

A full health history provides essential background for understanding where each person is on their health journey. The assessment continues with Reams Biological Ionization testing, strong muscle testing, Iridology, and subtle remedy referencing. Depending on your health history, this process takes about 2 hours. This is followed by your Report of Findings and Recommendations which usually occurs within 48 hours of your assessment, and takes approximately 30 minutes. Different from both Dietetics and Nutrition, Naturopathy focuses on wellness behaviors which includes making appropriate decisions about what you put into your body, how you use your body, and many other aspects of self-care.

As an independent drawing station for Ulta Labs, I also offer standard laboratory tests as deemed appropriate. Ohio allows individuals to order their own laboratory tests.

Emotional Wellness 

It is believed that approximately 90% of health issues have a significant emotional component. I am trained and certified in conjunction with my Naturopathic Doctor certification to provide support for emotional wellness using Emotional Freedom Technique, Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, and NeuroLinguistic Programming. I do not provide psychiatric care or counseling services.

Body Work 

I am trained in acupressure, Raindrops technique (based on Lakota body-work techniques) reflexology, Reiki, and Vita-Flex (based on Tibetan reflexology). Some of these techniques can be performed in conjunction with anointing with highest quality essential oils which are sometimes called "God's love in a bottle." All of these techniques can be combined with aromatherapy. Some of these techniques can also be paired with hand or foot hydrotherapy. My goal is to provide you with a safe and comfortable, trusting environment for this work. 

Wellness Education

I provide many types of wellness education to individuals and groups. Topics run the gamut from Autism Support using Essential Oils, to BLS/CPR/AED/1st Aid, to Immune Support, to Nicotine Cessation, to Women's Health Issues, and more.