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For my first blog, I need to address what I, as a naturopathic doctor and ordained healing minister, can and cannot do. I have received a number of contacts from people who want me to cure serious medical conditions for which they do not want to take toxic medications with negative side effects. I certainly do empathize with these people, and I hope that empathy comes through. Let me say this: anybody can receive a miracle. Not everybody does, but anybody can. I know people who have received miracles. Miracles are in the realm of the Creator. So, if you have a serious medical condition, I can anoint your head with an essential oil and pray for you. That's free. If you get your miracle from that, praise your Higher Power; I didn't do it. That being said, this is what I can do for serious medical conditions: I can assist with supporting overall wellness, the same thing I can do for everybody else. That is all I can do. I can support overall wellness with a full naturopathic assessment and educative recommendations in multiple modalities in which I am trained and which are within the scope of my practice. Recommendations are individualized wellness education. They are not prescriptions. Prescriptions are within the purview of allopathic medicine. I do not practice allopathic medicine. During an assessment, I may see something which may raise a red flag and for which my recommendation may be to seek medical attention. I am not making a diagnosis; I do not diagnose any disease or disorder. I am also a Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA) with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education, and significant further training and experience in health screening and understanding laboratory values. I contract with Ulta Labs as both a naturopathic doctor and a certified medical assistant; I have an independent drawing station for Ulta Labs. The State of Ohio does allow individuals other than medical doctors to order lab work, but not to bill insurance for that lab work. Ulta Labs is a discounted laboratory which partners with Quest Diagnostics for testing and does not work with insurance. I do this work under the supervision of the Ulta Labs physician. I monitor health status within my training and scope of practice in this capacity. I am not practicing medicine, making diagnoses, giving medical advice, or treating medical conditions in this capacity. I may make a recommendation for a person to seek medical attention based on lab values and under the supervision of the Ulta Labs physician. Nothing I do is magic. Nothing I do is witch doctoring. Nothing I do is practicing medicine, nutrition, dietetics, or counseling. Everything I do is within the realm of non-surgical, non-synthetic-chemical support of holistic wellness. If someone gets a miracle, that does not come from me. And when a body receives the support it needs to function optimally, it sometimes heals itself. That, in a nutshell, is the foundation of naturopathy.

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Notice of Privacy Practices This notice describes how your health information may be used and disclosed, and how you can obtain access to it. Please review this notice carefully. This notice of the Pr

Naturopathic Assessment and Consultation

A full health history provides essential background for understanding where each person is on their health journey. The assessment continues with Reams Biological Ionization testing, strong muscle testing, Iridology, and subtle remedy referencing. Depending on your health history, this process takes about 2 hours. This is followed by your Report of Findings and Recommendations which usually occurs within 48 hours of your assessment, and takes approximately 30 minutes. Different from both Dietetics and Nutrition, Naturopathy focuses on wellness behaviors which includes making appropriate decisions about what you put into your body, how you use your body, and many other aspects of self-care.

As an independent drawing station for Ulta Labs, I also offer standard laboratory tests as deemed appropriate. Ohio allows individuals to order their own laboratory tests.

Emotional Wellness 

It is believed that approximately 90% of health issues have a significant emotional component. I am trained and certified in conjunction with my Naturopathic Doctor certification to provide support for emotional wellness using Emotional Freedom Technique, Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, and NeuroLinguistic Programming. I do not provide psychiatric care or counseling services.

Body Work 

I am trained in acupressure, Raindrops technique (based on Lakota body-work techniques) reflexology, Reiki, and Vita-Flex (based on Tibetan reflexology). Some of these techniques can be performed in conjunction with anointing with highest quality essential oils which are sometimes called "God's love in a bottle." All of these techniques can be combined with aromatherapy. Some of these techniques can also be paired with hand or foot hydrotherapy. My goal is to provide you with a safe and comfortable, trusting environment for this work. 

Wellness Education

I provide many types of wellness education to individuals and groups. Topics run the gamut from Autism Support using Essential Oils, to BLS/CPR/AED/1st Aid, to Immune Support, to Nicotine Cessation, to Women's Health Issues, and more.